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Hydraxan14 Slow and steady, superbly recorded and mastered, with crystal-clear, deeply mournful lyrics. Favorite track: Swimmers in the Atlantic.
Enip Nero
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Enip Nero Beautiful album, extremely well done. Amazing production and songwriting. A place you can live in as a listener; And Carson’s voice, otherworldly. Favorite track: Swimmers in the Atlantic.
ronn branton
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ronn branton Just the sample songs are really well done. The arrangements are excellent and I should hope more people would get the chance to hear this music which is head and shoulders above what I usually hear from the states nowadays.
I don't know who Daniel Patrick Kelly is but, if he is not deceased, he should be very much pleased with this tribute.
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05:40 video


Dedicated to Daniel Patrick Kelly


released April 6, 2018

Songs written and performed by Carson Lund
Additional writing and performing by Erik Lund
Produced and engineered by Erik Lund

Additional Performers
Cello: Joe Fiorillo (1, 6)
Violin: Jesse Hanson (6, 5)
Trombone and Flugel Horn: Carl Engstrom (1, 5)
Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute: Stephen Liang Chun Spencer (1, 2, 7)
Guitar: Eric Bolton (7)

Mixed by Eric Dabdoub
Additional mixing by Erik Lund
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters

Recorded in a 1911 Craftsman home in Hollywood, CA
Additional recording at Clear Lake Studios in Burbank, CA

Album Art by Erik Lund and Carson Lund

Thanks to Michael Basta, David Yorr, Matt Hogan, Carson Weed and Jonny Ackles, Lisa, Peter and Sylvia Lund


all rights reserved



Mines Falls Los Angeles, California

The work of brothers Carson and Erik Lund.

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Track Name: McWay Falls Overlook
Either way
I understand that
Where you're going
Is not with me there
If you're not here
By this time next year
Guess it might have just ended

In the summer
Wear your hair down
Drive the coast in a Winnebago
Off the road
By the cliff's edge
Think of walking with you down there
Track Name: Easy Now
Easy now
Let it be
Easy does it
Stand your ground
A nasty realization is coming ‘round
Ahead of me

Without a sound
Won’t you just
Go ahead
And let me down?
Your energy and patience are running out
They oughta be
You know

Fading out
In an old
California border town
The desert in December
That empty sound
Of memories

Never know
When the storm is coming down
But I see the constellations
Clear for now
A canopy

And then the wind
The night closing in
I wanna give you love and make amends to how it’s been
You’re leaving instead

Easy now
Let it be
Easy does it
Stand your ground
A slow evacuation is going down
In front of me

But where’d you go?
Won’t you come back to me
And sort it out?
I know I’d been difficult to be around
But I wanna feel

Your skin again
The night closing in
I wanna give you love and make amends to how it’s been
You’re leaving instead
Track Name: In the Rain
Wandering eyes
Across the avenue
Something dies
Right in front of you
Oh remind me because it’s been a while
And I won’t leave it alone

Plans were falling through
Highway signs
Were passing by you
Oh besides it was a call into the wild
And that was years ago

In the rain
Towers in the cityscape
In the rain
Flowers off the interstate
In the rain
The way that you would color everything
In a day
A new indifference fell over your face
I could say
I know that you don’t owe me anything
But I’m afraid that either way I’m nothing anyway
Track Name: My New House
I like my new house
It’s old and beautiful
It’s got a backyard
And my own cubicle

They’re gonna tear it down
Build an eyesore
But it had a nice run
A hundred years long

I like LA
Don’t mind the interstate
I like the Mexican food
On the side of the road

I go to the desert
Like when the sky gets gold
Over the mountains
Far as the eye can see

But it don’t feel right without you

And when I go home
Back to the east coast
And see my family
Smiling at me

They’ll ask about my life
About my new world
They’ll ask about you

But it’ll be nice
Around the Christmas tree
And there’ll be alcohol
To ease the feeling

That it won’t feel right without you
Track Name: Swimmers in the Atlantic
Mary in red
By the pool on a humid day
Where the summer sky dissolves in
Storm clouds on the horizon
The dark grey blue horizon

Midnight Orleans
There’s a ball game across the street
And the porch light’s on and you still hear
Swimmers in the Atlantic
Yeah, I miss the Atlantic

But I love the road
To feel the breezes blow
And though the tides were shifting
Was only paying dues
Midnight alone
Cicadas sing out the bay window
And though the clouds are collecting
It’s only passing through

I get older
It’s always
Not to know when
The debts are sinking under the island
Until then keep abiding

Summer ends
Before you know it
A storm is blowing in
Oh a lifetime is gone
And you’ve been south too long

So I love the road
To feel the breezes blow
And though the nights are restless
I’m only missing you
Oh lazy eyes
Find the road in the fading light
And though the clouds are lifting
I’m only passing through
Oh how I’m hoping
One day to meet up
Out of the blue
Track Name: Recoil
Seedling growing in winter
Rain is coming and it’s open season
Wait around to see that there’s nobody else in this town
Still I’m searching it high and low

Stolen hours and lousy timing
You come around when I’m spacing out
and I’m runnin’ round and I’m freaking out in the pouring rain
I’m on your heels, gotta see ya when the sun goes down

And I’m at your service

‘Cause I’m
But I’m choking
‘Cause I’ve got nothing to say

Late arrival in misty North End
You’re hardly trying and you’re not excited
Wait around to see that there’s nobody else in this town
Can’t scratch the surface

And I’m
Up my
And I’m
Going away

You know I’m
So give me
Track Name: Hall Ave
saw you on the Fourth of July
Blue moons and card games
On a house on Hall Ave that's now empty inside

Roman candles through the night

Pasty skin, hazy eyes
Every sentence staggered through
In the melting candelight
Said, “hey, I'll see you soon”

Hoping to see it through

New England winter nights
Waiting for the flick of the café light
Walking the streets on any occasion
Cribbage games inside

Always the one to lose

Every town
Blanketed in snow
I go out
And you will be out there
In your tall leather boots

After three hundred miles
Left with a physical outline
Resting my feet for hours a day and
Don’t you wanna go outside?

Not here for questioning

Don’t ask me none
Was my lie not good enough?

What are we missing?
Other friends are married
And witnesses don’t say a thing

My head says to leave you be

But it’s not simple
With your possessions in my room
See you under a clear blue sky
To hear what you’ve been thinking

And you keep your talk beyond us

Beyond us
There’s no beyond us
The light of the moon vanishing
Track Name: Breaking News
Guessing the word is out
Tried tucking it away
Breaking the news to you
From the other side of the shore
Friends are silent now
Just a patter from the rain

Don’t say that I was leaving it all
You’d stay here forever alone

Evenings in our old house
Sitting out the blizzard all day
And drinking red wine
With the girls that came by
Word from the hospital
Says the line is straightening out

Don’t say that I was leaving it all
You’d stay here forever alone
I wake up in the morning and I’m wondering
Where are you now and why?
Track Name: Thick Skin
Never burn a flower
Never burn a tree
In your own backyard

Here we are in rags again
Here we are in bliss
There’s no ending the cycle

Standing as the floor gives out
Fireplace is overflowing
Radio is fading out
As I cut a line on the highway south

Reading from a text message
She just says, “it’s fucking weird, it’s life”

Looking at you sideways now
Drift into the sea
There’s no ending the cycle

Any more?
What’s the thick skin for?
Track Name: For Dan
Those December nights
I remember
Sitting picking through the crackling embers
Oh, a luxury

Reading updates from my grandpa’s funeral
Six months since my friend died
And the tears fell for the first time in years
Now I’m somewhere in Louisiana
Clouds are rolling in over the river
Oh, to welcome me

Your father changing with the weather
And I never saw you two together
Oh, a tragedy

And I love the sound of going
But I hate the thought of knowing
You were wondering

Why I
Could never pick up the phone

Why I
Could only answer
When it worked out for me

I love the sound of going
I’d like the undertow
To pull me out to sea

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